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Sales Principle
• We insist on fair competition of price, quality, after-service, etc We try our best to find the end user. Before dealing with our distributors we must make sure their selling objects.
• Our aim is for long-term mutual interests.
• We stick to the principle of tripartite-win, and firmly assure the interests of both suppliers and customers.
• We take it as a norm that we should come to agreement with our suppliers.
• We treasure the company prestige very much. Once the contract is signed, we will do everything to fulfill it on time so as to maintain long-term business relationship with our partners. Meanwhile, we do hope our customers to do the same as well.
• We assure high quality products, but if you find any problem, we will track it with our suppliers at the earliest time.
• We hope our users can succeed and are ready to help them come out with competitive products. Since users?? success is our basic service, we will do more to provide better services to follow up the market needs.
• We are trying to extend the services of our suppliers effectively, and hope that our suppliers can cooperate in exploiting the market, and finally accomplishing the sale goals respectively.

Our Services
• Ensure delivery on time.
• Guarantee long-term and steady supply.
• Improve technology for the sake of customers' interests.
• Assure the quality of our products.
• Maintain the lowest sales cost.
• Make precise market price orientation.
• Provide the best services for the customers, including the latest materials, technology, etc.
• Provide the transparent market for suppliers and best after-service for customers.
• Drive the market with our spirits of diligence, accuracy and professions.

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